First things first

Before I start ‘blogging’ I’d like to give some heart felt thanks to two people who helped turn an ‘ugly duckling into a swan’. They come under the business name of Atelier Designs but I know them as Ian and Kate.

Ian Luck, a wonderful artist and tutor himself, recommended I asked Kate to do my website . I hesitated cos’ for one thing it would mean having to pay! But, boy was it worth every penny!

The process was so organic, honest ,completely collaborative and fun. There was absolutely no stress in it and I was incredibly busy at the time of its development. Kate would email to say ‘take a look’ and I’d feed back. We only had two conversations by phone and no meetings. Shame really as if one lady deserves a massive hug it is Kate.

The penulitmate ‘take a look’ was the surprise ‘punch’ and I literally cried, yes real wet blobs rolled down my cheeks. It was if all the years of doubt , lack of self belief, even pain vapourised. I was actually looking at a person who had been ‘healed’, made whole. That acknowledgment wouldn’t have been possible without  Kate the web designer and Ian, who has  encouraged me for a few years now.

I suppose that is why I want to blog ,why I want  to invite people to come to my ‘what happens if your explore your creative spirit’  workshops ,because what you see before you now has been a journey and some of my ‘What Happens If’ , my choices , have been hard life lessons ,painful, especially for others, selfish, even risky ,some of my protective friends might argue. But! ALL have led to this moment of wholeness, of me finding me.

So, if you are nosey like me and want to know more of my ‘What happens if’ ,the good and the bad, and why living a life of leaps of faith, especially  in the last 12 years, has been an adventure of discovering not only myself but meeting amazing people and encounters. Then can I invite you to my blogs?

They may jump around and as they say on ‘Strictly’ ,presented in no particular order, but they will be honest, open and from my heart. So, please be kind because this Leap of Faith, opening up to you, is actually pretty scary and maybe my biggest  and most risky What Happens If……

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